3DSlides: Blend4Web template “SHOWCASE” for constructing 3D showcases

04 August 2016 15:20
An attractive showcase design is one of the most important things in online sales. Product catalogs with pictures and descriptions help visualize showcases. However, people are used to living in 3D space and looking at products literally from all sides. As part of the open-source and freely distributed project 3DSlides, we have prepared a brand new Blend4Web template called “SHOWCASE” for flexible constructing 3D showcases with 3D products to show right on a web page of an online store.

The main feature of this template is that the artist can set up a showcase and markup lines of products without the need to involve a programmer. With a click of a button you can copy previously prepared forms of products and paste them at the points of the markup line with the following setup of forms. This template includes a standard set of cupboards, showcase and basic product forms.

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As a result, this template allows us to create a 3D web-application showing a product in the best light and link it to the order processing system, practically creating a fully-functional 3D online store from scratch. With the help of this template an artist can quickly put together a showcase to evaluate a new idea and create virtual product presentations to show products in the best light. Merchandizers can evaluate ahead of time how a product will look on a shelf in one environment or another, choose the most suitable surroundings for a product or make changes to a product itself to fit its surroundings. A 3D space of solutions is opened to customers which allows them to see a product with their own eyes without entering a store and even without getting off the couch. An interactive showcase attracts attention to a store sparking a chain reaction of a crowd and an online order system allows us to reach people who know exactly what they need and who value their time. A set of templates will be expanded over time, allowing you to create not only a "film" and "showcase" presentation, but also magazines, art expositions and galleries.
04 August 2016 15:21
We add a tutorial about creating a showcase with the Blend4Web template on YouTube channel

We plan to add new tutorials and examples on YouTube channel in the future.
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