Double Sided Normals

12 January 2015 14:43
Hello I have exported a mesh with double-sided normals. Ive selected a default material and selected the double sides lighting checkbox under Blend4Web, and export edited normals. I also clicked cleanup In the Vertex Normals Editor. But no double sided result.

Thanks in advanced!
12 January 2015 15:57

Describe please what you expect to achieve by using double-sided lightning and show your .blend file
16 January 2015 02:29
I have a curved plain of which I need to see both sides, and simply duplicating the mesh and flipping the normals will not do.
16 January 2015 05:08
Wow, I tried to figure this out for hours, and just when I gave up and posted my blender file, I figure it out…

Under the Blender Game engine, I saw in the Material tab > Game Settings that Backface culling is on by default and just facepalmed.
16 January 2015 10:28
Yeah, double-sided lightning only works for shading So, in your example backface culling and double-sided lightning are needed both

Looking forward to see the final result!
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