Live Stream a Blender Scene to a WebGL viewer

08 August 2016 09:25
Hi, I'm starting developing an app, it's a sort of multiplatform viewer (browser), synchronized in real time with a scene being edited or played (animation frames) at live in Blender , so basically I want to know if Blend4Web has native API support for this (3D data live streaming ) or if there is an API feature to start with.

08 August 2016 14:36
Hi and welcome to Blend4Web forums!

Unfortunately, there is no specific API method in Blend4Web for 3d streaming. There are methods for updating geometry, materials and textures in runtime, though.
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08 August 2016 23:36
Ok, thanks Juri.
I'll investigate this further prior to choose a platform, Blend4Web sounds cleaner than Unity, but I'll have to pick the most practical for this, deadline is coming !
21 May 2018 22:40
Hi my friend, i work on B4W but i have a problem, i look at every where on the forum for to find a solution but nothing. So i dev a B4W project of cinema hall, and i want put some video streaming. I try to modify the J.son code on my project with the webcam codes snippets to change teh url link to the webcam but normaly is not good. Please have you a solution for my problem, thanks so much for your attention .
20 June 2018 22:15
Hey, Fallouturama
I am agreed with you. I also research on that and I came to know that Blender4web sound is more clear. I do my research from Skype Customer Service <– this website, all the details are there.
30 October 2018 08:54
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13 December 2018 12:43
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