Render canvas to tex

09 August 2016 17:20
I hope I don´t bother you with so many questions, but…

How do you pass the canvas element you want to render to a texture? In the manual it talks about defining it in blender texture export options but the text input field is gone in blender 2.77 with b4w 16.07. I'm trying to use the methods in new_year project but I can't still get there… Any hint?

I see there is an increase in performance in the last update. Good work.
09 August 2016 17:43

Take a look at the texture source type field. It should be Canvas.

I'm trying to use the methods in new_year
You can find an another simple example in the SDK: SDK/blender/code_snippets/canvas_texture/canvas_texture.blend
09 August 2016 17:53
Ok, thank you, I'lltry it.
10 August 2016 16:17
It worked at last. The code snippet is pretty clear. I think it at first it didn't worked for some issue with the unwrap, I'm not quite sure.
Thanks for your help.
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