Tutorial on Preloader Creation

11 August 2016 16:57
One of the most popular questions from our users was exactly about preloaders. In this tutorial, Andrey Prakhov considers three approaches to create a preloader from a two-lines example to a complex customizable preloader

Link to the article
21 August 2016 20:22
Very nice. I have been meaning to work on a good pre-loader.
05 September 2016 18:43
Awesome! Although I got an error that create_preloader(); was not a function. I fixed it by swapping out the "create_preloader();" with "create_simple_preloader();"
06 September 2016 15:48
I got an error that create_preloader(); was not a function
Hi, gabe. This function was added in version 16.07. I think you're using an outdated SDK.
07 May 2017 07:14
Great blog!
18 September 2017 14:19
HI, my preloader is loading but my json is not loading, any solution
18 September 2017 18:34
Are you getting any errors in your browser console console?
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