Plateform Game

12 August 2016 16:41
Hello everybody !!
I would like to say that i follow blend4web since few months…
So, thank you really much to the developpers and for all the releases !! I'm so interesting in Blend4web..

I haven't questions now but just would like to participate by showing my beginner's project !


I would like to make a science plateform game (with facebook integration) to use it in educative missions…
It will have puzzle game, physics and anchors to learn about sciences news …

So, let's start this new project subject …
12 August 2016 17:13
Looks promising! And as an artist I love the stars how did you make it?
12 August 2016 19:48
It's a webm video from after effect … ;)
12 August 2016 19:49
(with trapcode particular…)
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