TiddlyWiki Tiddler Poster

14 January 2015 06:49 #1058
Here is a very simple 3d model I made just for fun for the guys over at tiddlywiki
There was a contest for a community poster which I happened to win, and based on it's design I decided to play around a little bit and made this model just for fun.
14 January 2015 08:19 #1059
Gratz! BTW we are making a feature for the upcoming release which will allow to navigate to URLs upon clicking on 3D objects. This way website links below and above the fish will actually work.
The Founder | Twitter
14 January 2015 08:35 #1060
You guys keep adding awesome new features! That is indeed a very very useful thing to have, looking forward to it!
14 January 2015 19:20 #1064
Tweeted about the model.
The Founder | Twitter
14 January 2015 19:27 #1065
Thanks for sharing
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