app.init is not a function (app is minimized)

25 August 2016 17:45
so i was trying to write a little app with b4w, but i ran into the error "app.init is not a function". so i printed the app object (which is the result of require("app")) to the console and found that all its method names have been minimized. i dont know if its intended to minimize the function names of the modules. if yes, where can i find an unminimized version?
25 August 2016 18:05
Hi and welcome to the Blend4Web forums!

Are you using b4w.min.js from the deploy/apps/common directory in the SDK?
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25 August 2016 18:15
oh i was using webplayer.min.js
i guess that was the wrong one then. thx
25 August 2016 18:20
You're welcome! Glad it helped
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