Any blend4web users in New Zealand?

02 September 2016 01:20
Hi everyone,

Do you know any experienced blend4web users in New Zealand?

There is a commercial project opportunity here we may like help with - getting 3D models of our products online. With some click-to-animate functionality. Also a dynamic product configurator, the likes of which I still have never seen before, though I'm told blend4web can do it.

I like the prospect of using blend4web myself, though I am not experienced enough yet to achieve this and would need some help. First goal would be to create a simple proof of concept.

For now just want to know if there's anybody here that can do this type of work.


20 April 2017 03:57
Hi Chris,

I am a Blender user here in NZ, and have just come accross blend4web. I would be interested in helping with
any modeling projects you may need help doing and in return get help with blend4web. Please note that I am a 3D

Best regards
Ian Cookson
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