Casting and Receiving Shadows

17 January 2015 02:39
Hello everyone,

I'm a newbie here and trying to use Blend4Web for my game project. I tried to create a simple scene with a lamp, plane and a cube. I enabled the plane object to received a shadow from a cube above it, and the cube - I enabled it to cast a shadow. But unfortunately, I got this result:

Click here for the image

Please help me on this, I tried different settings to make a change but it doesn't work, I'm currently using blender 2.72
Facebook: elik.eric
Twitter: @JohnTheEric
17 January 2015 08:38
Hi, may I look at this blend file?
The Founder | Twitter
17 January 2015 09:13

Thanks for the response, but i solved iy by myself, the settings for texture affects the rendering on web. Anyway thanks :)
Facebook: elik.eric
Twitter: @JohnTheEric
17 January 2015 09:18
Ok, nice to see you on our forum!
The Founder | Twitter
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