How to export a Blender using "Render > Freestyle" or similar outline rendering?

10 September 2016 19:35
How to export using the Blender setting "Render > Freestyle" (or a similar outline rendering) please?
12 September 2016 10:51
Hello and welcome to our forum!

We don't support neither Freestyle nor any of other side renderers. However, there are some methods on how to hack this effect! For example, you can double your mesh, scale it by normals just a bit up and flip the normals nside. I recommend visiting this thread to learn closely how it's done
26 September 2016 12:47
Hey Pavel,

Thanks for your reply. Indeed, that's one way to mimic the effect. However, when one considers to do this for e.g. a cube; and one flips all the normals of the duplicate cube, which will be used to mimic the "freestyle lines", inside; then one will always not have mimicked some of the "freestyle lines", depending on which angle one views the cube(s).

Therefor, I think (in some, or most cases) it might be better to make a duplicate of the mesh, add the Modifier "Wireframe", and start from there.

Kind regards,

26 September 2016 17:04
add the Modifier "Wireframe", and start from there.

True, it will work too. Good suggestion!
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