Refraction Node Missing?

18 January 2015 05:51
In blender with refraction enabled I see the refraction checkbox and the refraction settings under each material, but when I enable 'Use Nodes' it disappears. Naturally I though there would be a refraction node, but there was not. Is refraction only supported in stack Materials? Or am i just doing something wrong?

18 January 2015 09:12

refraction is supported both for generic (we call them "stack") and node materials. There should be a REFRACTION node group in this file so you can just append it to your file using File > Append menu.

BTW we plan to publish a tutorial within the next few days in which refraction node will be explained.
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18 January 2015 21:54
I see I see. Thank you very much! Looking forward to peruse that tutorial!
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