[SOLVED] Objects not active through walls?

19 September 2016 23:12
Hello!. Is it possible to tell blend4web assets that are not selectable objects through walls?. Thx.
21 September 2016 15:16
I'm interesting about this question and I don't have the respond.

Waiting you can :
put your walls "Selectable"
not select "Enable outlining"
and in your script, if you click on your walls, you don't do anything
I'm not crazy ! My reality is just different than yours.
21 September 2016 15:47
For now, the solution that HotGoblins mentioned is the only one.
Basically, you need something to "catch the click", so selectable object does it. So yeah, you just need to set objects you need to serve as "click catchers" as selectable
22 September 2016 16:02
Thanks guys!! works fine.
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