our selfie into a 3D avatar (3D Avatar Creator)

23 September 2016 08:28
I am creating a Web game with b4w. In my game i need to implement our selfie into a 3D avatar.
I've searched many more ways to implement this funny 3D Avatar Creator, but I don't got any thing about this.If any one knows to implement this please guide me to implement.
Already same like this apps are many more.please see one of the app link is:

Thanks in advance.
26 September 2016 17:33
Hi and welcome to the Blend4Web forums!

You can probably implement this by using the canvas texture feature.
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29 September 2016 13:35
Thanks for replying.

We will access image from the user,But then after how we can recognise the face and how we can apply that face to the 3D model(character) .Any plugins is there?Can you guide me.
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