Bake vertex animation bug (Solved)

23 September 2016 21:39
Hi guys,

I have some troubles with the vertex animation bake.

I've got a pillow in my scene and i want to animate it. If you click on a button the pillow fall into few animated planks, and then if you click on an other button, it rise up back.

When i try to bake my shape keys animation to make the pillow fall, it works just fine.
But when i made my second bake to rise it back, the first animation doesn't work anymore…
I don't know why, and i can't fine the reason… I tried to do again the animation and bake it again, same problem… The pillow take the last step of animation instantly.

Can you help me with this ?

Also my blend is huge ! I have only 6 shape keys for my animation and the blend take 490Mb in my disk and 922.95Mo of memory… For sure it takes time to load it on the web application and i didn't try to play it with a smaller configuration but i think is gonna be slow on it…

Thanks you !
24 September 2016 19:22
Ok solved !

I juste Bake my two animations on the same bake slot in the vertex animation bake…
26 September 2016 11:56
Also my blend is huge !

Vertex animation/shape keys can be really heavy if there'sa lot of vertices. I'd recommend optimizing geometry and baking a normalmap
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