How to create or export design?

24 September 2016 17:09

I am a newbie with blend4web and I would like to know if is possible (and how to do) to create an app that reads a file and after modify the 3D design save or export the modified design in a file.

Thank you for your answer.
26 September 2016 07:07
there is a way to create json code but you have to code it.
26 September 2016 11:49
If I understood you correctly, I recommend watching this video, hope this will help

Also, welcome to our forum!
27 September 2016 08:20
na- i think he is asking for a way to save a 3d file from within the application or website… something that has been asked for and would really be helpful if you want to use blend4web as a true customizer.
28 September 2016 02:54

I am asking about "chris_lowe" explain as a "true customizer". After seek on internet I see I can do this app in three.js, but I know Blender and a little bit blend4web I was wondering to know if I can do this with blend4web (b4w app to load a 3d design file, edit some properties and save the modified design in an standard file (stl or obj).

Thank you in advance for any information to advance this project.
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