Mouse over - outline object

30 September 2016 15:26

it is probably very stupid question , but I spend all day going through this forum and I found similar post , but I never found clear answer.

could someone please explain me how do I activate outline object on mouse over

I know it cannot be done with the node editor and it need a bit of coding , but if someone could share that code and explain me where exactly where should that code go

please note that I am a newbie and I would appreciate detailed instruction

best regards
30 September 2016 15:40
Hi and welcome!

Here is a good tutorial on how to implement onmouseover outlining with Blend4Web. Hopefully it'll help you.

EDIT this method does the trick
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30 September 2016 16:08
thanks for the quick reply

I am afraid I can't understand much from this tutorial , as I mentioned I am a newbie and all I do is working with the node editor, so I have no idea for the structure or the way WebGL works :(

I assume I have to add this code somewhere in order to activate the mouse_hover_event ?
in the main project folder I have one .HTML file few .JS files and one .json file . I assume the code has to go into any of those files, but witch one ?

I would really appreciate if you can give me more detailed instruction

best regards
30 September 2016 17:39
1. create a project with the Project Manager.
2. open the js file in apps_dev/your_project_name folder
3. put this line inside the load_cb function:

4. also add
var m_mouse     = require("mouse");

to the header of this file
5. open the scene file in blender and turn on the selection and outlining > selectable option for objects you want to outline,
6. reexport this blend file (can also do it in the project manager)
7. run the app

here is the project archive - you can import it with the project manager and try yourself
The Founder | Twitter
30 September 2016 17:49

thank you very much , it works

best regards
30 September 2016 18:08
you're welcome!
The Founder | Twitter
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