auto rotate camera after scene load

02 October 2016 18:17

I was wondering how I can set the camera to auto rotate after the scene is loaded - just like on the webplayer with "?autorotate" attribute ?

it will be very useful to make sure the people see that the content is 3D

it will be even better if that can be done without attribute , but as a default option

best regards
02 October 2016 21:46

I assume, you are speaking about an application.You can just call the camera_anim.auto_rotate method inside a loading callback. It should do the trick.
03 October 2016 17:21
yes I am talking about an application

thanks for the reply, but I am afraid I am total newbie and I am going to need some more detailed instructions how to do that

I assume that code has to go into the "project_name.js" file and I tried putting it in different place inside that file , but it doesn't work

I would really appreciate if you can give me more detailed instructions, also does it need any parameters or it has default parameters ?

best regards
03 October 2016 17:47

never mind my last question , I found the answer in this post

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