Math and Logic bricks

12 October 2014 13:15
I took a look at the b4w api, and cannot figure out if i can make math calculations or even so interact with live text input . I do know java has its own math, but i am unaware if b4w; uses its own, uses javas math, or doesnt do math. Also i was wondering if binding blenders logic bricks will even be possible.
12 October 2014 17:40
Hi, you can definitely do the math with the standard JavaScript Math.* API. Also there is a modified glMatrix framework, already included in Blend4Web (accessed by "vec3", "mat4" etc.) And finally there is some useful API in our "util" module.

About the logic bricks. We think that their functionality is too limited and it's not possible to do any non-trivial stuff using them. This means that eventually you still need to know python and some bpy API. Our language is JavaScript so there is some incompatibility arises . But we did some work in NLA scripting so follow our future releases.
13 October 2014 22:10
Great! Sorry for asking and thank you for answering because i wanted to use blender 4web in my next project and i only know python, so i needed to know if i can still use blender instead of unity for my clients project.

To me
(Logic bricks= no scripting aposed to scripting, easy aposed to hard, already know aposed to donot know, does logic aposed to nonsense) and non trivial by definition means important. If your goal is to have limitless functions then you must not limit your functions.
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