Blend4Web Developer Required (Freelance)

06 October 2016 15:29
Hello Everyone,

My name is Jeet Palavwala and I am from India.

I am looking forward for a Blend4Web developer for one of our project.

Here below is a brief of the project:

We have developing a website where we allow the customer to upload a 3d model (.stl and .obj) to our website. Once the model is loaded, the web software fixes the model and generates some statistics (volume, surface area, dimensions) etc.

Then the fixed 3d model is supposed to get loaded into the user's browser, where customer can see and browse through it. After that, the customer will be allowed to choose materials (Brass, Bronze, Gold, Silver, Plastics, etc.) and based on the selection of the chosen material, customer would be able to place an order for 3d printing.

A good example of a pre-uploaded model, you can explore here: link (You may have to do some css tricks to view it without login)

I would like to have your assistance for creating the pipeline (within Ubuntu, Apache, PHP, HTML, JavaScript environemnt)

Here below are key highlights of the functionalities (which can be given later to you in highly detailed way):

In Ubuntu environment, we are looking for a bash/python script, which can use input file (.stl or .obj) and generates corresponding .json+.bin ( or .html), readable by the custom created Blend4Web player
As there won't be any UVs applied in input files, the script should be able to apply box (or spherical) mapping to the input mesh.. this is because, some of our materials are going to be based on Normal/Bump maps

The script should also apply all the necessary materials (10-12 different types are there), cameras, lights and other settings to have a rich experience in browser, all embedded within the .json+bin file (we can provide all in-depth details including screen shots of the experience needed)

We are also looking for java script supported web player (allowing material changes on the fly, some basic 3d browsing functions and isometric/perspective 3D view changer… we may also need a control to disable rendering and thereby enabling basic shading or let's say wire frame within viewer)

The experience shall be very similar to this: link … EXCEPT:

    In our case, the model will not be fixed but different, based on customer upload.. that's where we need an automation, which converts the .stl in to corresponding Blend4Web utilizable files in server environment
    We will be applying ONE material at a time for whole model (even if a single input file has multiple meshes into it)… So no two tone materials within a scene
    As the 3d model will be mesh, the experience may not be as smooth as you would see in Meister experience (link) .. which is acceptable
    We will allow some more 3d control tools… like the Blend4Web default player

If you are interested, I would like to receive a quote from you, which you can submit to

Kindest Regards,
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