Pyatigor's tale continues!

23 January 2015 17:46
Pyatigor (that's how we named our hero) is not resting, and again seeks for adventure. We also made efforts and carefully fine-tuned the game!

We open the next series of articles about the making of the Pyatigor's world with a new article.

We also bring to your attention that the application has been much changed since the last release. The world is full of magic, enemies and now there really is something to do!

Link to the application itself in a separate window.

w - forward
s - back
a - turn left
d - turn right
spacebar - Jump
enter - hit with the sword

All grab a sword in the hope to hit the golem's forehead.!
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
25 January 2015 02:55
Very nice, I love how much has been added to this demo. I look forward to the future posts and tutorials about Pyatigor's tale.
03 February 2015 18:17
Gregory Gossellin, the author of the French book about the Blender Game Engine, has also noticed our lovely game.

Besides, the article on is now published.
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