The image texture on the mesh doesn't display in exported version

13 October 2016 00:52
I am really new to this kind of content dev and know almost no JS, so there could well be something really simple wrong that i don't see.

The sole mesh in the scene has an image texture applied to it that looks like this:

There was no export issue, no warnings or anything. The Blend4Web looks like this:

How do i fix that?

I am starting to work through a few tutorials, but as i have no background, i am probably slower to pick things up than people who have worked with other game engines. Really think this is a great project though and look forward to learning to use it well.

The image texture is quite large as that is important for this particular application. There is a smaller version but it has exactly the same problem. At any rate, i can cut down on the mesh detail some, but keeping as much detail as possible would be really helpful.
13 October 2016 10:09

Your problem is : your normals is invert !
Select your terrain, Edit mode, CTRL+N.
If this doesn't work, CTRL+N once again and check Inside in the Tools panels.

You can put a light below and upper your terrain to check, one side work great in both cases.
I'm not crazy ! My reality is just different than yours.
13 October 2016 17:18
Yay - it was indeed something simple and easy! :)

Thank you
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