custom preloader problem

17 October 2016 17:25
Hi guys,

I've bumped into a very strange problem. I'm using currently the CE version (I'm still waiting for my superiors to acquire the PRO license) and tried to implement an application without using the webplayer for testing purposes. I followed the instructions as described in this post and managed to get it almost working. Only thing is that when I hide the preloader div, the standard preloader shows up on the background instead of the 3D scene.

I checked every bit of the code but couldn't understand what's going on, until I tried scaling down the custom preloader image. It turned out the standard preloader was all the time behind the custom one, even though it wasn't used. Even if you hide the custom preloader, the standard one stays on top of the 3D scene like this:

Is this bug or have I missed something? Or is it even supposed to work in the CE version?

Cheers, Harri
17 October 2016 18:29

There are no differences between the functionality of the CE and PRO versions.

You should remove default preloader first. Remove the following code line from the init_cb function:

Now, be sure that you remove your own preloader. And then, open the browser console and check the errors there.
17 October 2016 20:49

Thanks, that helped! Just learning how to code stuff with B4W so there are a lot of things I haven't quite figured out yet.

Cheers, Harri
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