Dynamic LOD - Terrain

18 October 2016 21:19
Hello B4W team!

We can not find anything related to Dynamic LOD or how to implement such a feature for Terrain.
Could you point me to some resources for this?

20 October 2016 14:23
Hi Mike,

I assume, by Dynamic LOD you mean an approach to render terrain when heights values are read from the heightmap and then a mesh consisting of several nested layers is stretched with this map in vertical direction.

Blend4Web currently doesn't implement such techniques. What you can do here is to divide the terrain model into several tiles and setup LODs for them manually.
21 October 2016 03:38
Hi Evgeny!

Yes what you described is what I was looking for.. and your solution of dividing the terrain into tiles is what I'm doing now.

Thought I would check to see if I was missing something or if there were any plans to implement something like this in the future in B4W.

Does B4W have a roadmap for software development that is publicly available?

24 October 2016 14:34
We don't have such public documents right now.
There is only such article. But this is quite an approximated info.
Without a doubt we need something more official.
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