ARM platform support

20 October 2016 16:17
hi all,
I'm running Blender on a Nvidia Jetson-TX1 devboard. It's an awesome board with aarch64 ARM architecture.
Blend4web is only available for x86.
Is there something i can do for using b4w on arm aarch64?
20 October 2016 16:43
We support only official Blender distributions.
But you can try to build the platform dependent part of Blend4Web for your architecture by yourself.
  • For building we use csrc/b4w_bin/, which compiles Python C-extension.
  • Note, that before compilation you should update Blender headers, for which you are going to build this extension (see csrc/b4w_bin/ script)
  • And of course you should use the same version of Python which your Blender uses. And in general it is recommended to build the binary in the environment which you use for running Blender.

Actually, we didn't test B4W and build system on other platforms, and probably some additional work will be required.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
20 October 2016 17:00
Thanks. I can use b4w on my Jetson-TX1 now.
Great :)
20 October 2016 17:50
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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