Hit target

21 October 2016 14:34
What's up!

I would like to know how when an object hits a target. It take action. For exemple. A bullet hits a barrel and it explodes.
24 October 2016 14:43

I would recommend you to use physics for such task.

If you want an explosion to occur immediately after a shot is fired, you can use raycasting. You have to replace billboards with animated explosions.
If you want the bullet to be a proper physics object, then you need to assign it bounding physics and use a collision sensor in your application.
25 October 2016 13:26
Evgeny Rodygin
I will study more this application to understand better the logic.

Thanx a lot!
26 December 2016 02:38
i am making anything, but i am having some difficulties on node logics editor.
26 December 2016 02:40
Go ahead and attach your .blend file and tell me what you want to accomplish.
You can see the "Attach" link below when you are writing your reply.
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