object exporting order

23 October 2016 13:30

I've implemented a dynamic menu where I load all the selectable objects from the scene. However, the objects come seemingly in a random (?) order in which they've been exported from Blender. How do you determine the exporting order for objects in the first place? Can I somehow change the exporting order in Blender so that I would get them in the order that suits best for my purposes? Once the data has been loaded in B4W it gets a bit trickier to sort them correctly, especially if I'm to use some other than alphabetical order.

Cheers, Harri
24 October 2016 12:05

The order of objects obtained through export is something which is out of user control. I'd suggest using meta tags assigned on per-object basis in Blender for sorting purposes.
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24 October 2016 12:23
Hi Yuri,

Thanks for the information. No worries, I will use the meta tags in that case.

Cheers, Harri
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