Public domain tool

12 October 2014 16:25
I was wondering if it is possible to automate by script all the bpy functions, as well another automation for the bge functions into this web browser python framework resulting in not only combining bpy and bge but also reducing the entire gap between blender and the web
12 October 2014 17:55
Sorry, but I don't undestand how such thing may be useful because as far as I know it's just a simple server-side Web framework
12 October 2014 21:05
Webpy claims the possibilty to write web software in python. If blender is written in python, should run the software application. Since im not an expert im asking not saying
12 October 2014 21:07
"Django lets you write web apps in Django. TurboGears lets you write web apps in TurboGears. lets you write web apps in Python."  —  Adam Atlas
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