Question about going from 2D to 3D

04 November 2016 00:12

I have recently decided to make Blend4Web a core part of my e-learning project. Which is currently a 2D site using Ruby-on-Rails. I am also using a JavaScript library called masonry.js which assembles posts in a nice brick-like fashion on the page.

Now what I want to do with Blend4Web, is to have a special button that you activate which will turn the e-learning site into "3d mode" using WebGL. "3d mode" will bring various 3d objects into view which you can interact with in 3d.

I have lots of questions, hopefully not too bothersome. The questions I have are:

1. Is it possible to seamlessly transition between a 2d standard masonry.js site into some kind of 3d mode where you have the same 2d overlay over the top of a 3d background scene?

2. If it can't be done seamlessly, is there a way to make the transition sort of look nice?

3. Do I need to start off with a Blend4Web 3d scene and just simply make a 2d overlay of my existing code, so that it is always using Blend4Web and hence no need for a transition because it is 3d from the moment you load the page? Is a 2d HTML overlay a good idea and can it work?

4. Is there a way to toggle a sort of fullscreen mode for the use of WebVR?

5. Slightly off topic, but does anyone know of a good JavaScript library for doing Augmented Reality type coding using the device's camera. I know about: argon.js

Sorry for the long post and so many questions!

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