RubyGem called "blend4web-rails" or "b4w-rails"

04 November 2016 16:02
Hi guys,

I wanted to check if it was okay to use the name "blend4web-rails" for a RubyGem that I want to make to simply include the necessary Blend4Web files for any Rails App.

Is there any preference over the name? Like "b4w-rails" instead?

I don't want to confuse people by making them think that somehow the RubyGem I am making is somehow an official gem made by you guys.

But I just need a clean way to add Blend4Web into my Rails 4/5 Apps.


08 November 2016 12:08

I personally think that both names will be ok if you:

1) keep the GPL for your project
2) specify somewhere that your project is unofficial and is not made by us
08 November 2016 21:15
Thanks for that.

I will go with "blend4web-rails" but I will keep it AGPLv3 and will specify that it is unofficial.

And I can also mention that to get a commercial license they must go to you guys for a commercial Blend4Web license.

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