Symbolic links and the Project Manager

05 November 2016 12:11

I'm reorganizing my code repositories and for my particular situation it makes sense to have all of my code repositories in one (source) top-level directory and have symlinks in Blend4Web's "apps_dev" directory pointing to the relevant repos/directories in said top-level directory. Nonetheless, this doesn't seem to work in the Project Manager. That is, the sym-linked projects/directories do not display in the Project Manager. Is there any way around this?

Thanks in advance,

05 November 2016 14:04
I've solved this by doing it the other way around: having the symlinks in my code directory point to the relevant project directories in the "apps_dev" directory.

06 November 2016 17:36
Such simlinks are too Unix-specific, so this feature can't be supported in cross-platform way. However we're thinking about project structure simplification, so maybe in one of our next releases we'll change project directory hierarchy and make it more simple and intuitive.
07 November 2016 11:22
Okay. Thanks for letting me know :)

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