How to: material with png alpha

04 February 2015 18:06
Hmm.. Can you please send your file then? I'll try to find what's wrong


It's good that it's solved, but it's kinda bad thing anyway. If you can, send please "bad" file
04 February 2015 21:14
Woah! You're very motivated in fixing bugs uhu :-) No, I think I lost the file, save and resaved in a bunch of project_00, 01, 05, nn… you know :-) It's nice to have such fast feedbacks and so much partecipation here. I really trying to figure out how things works on your blender platform.

Actually I'm facing another problem. I got how dynamic reflections work and I'm using mirror and fresnel effect etc… Now my problem is that mirror reflections stop to work when I switch to nodes. If I use "blender render" material options on the right everythings work, but when switch to "use shader nodes to rendere material" reflections stop working… Is it normal or I should apply reflection in a different way into node setups ?
04 February 2015 21:21
Heilà! It's my half an hour! I solved it using "material extended" node…
Woahhh, thanks anyway I'm quite satisfied with all the effect. I'm mixing alpha channels texture, dynamic reflections, environment reflections… It's quite a goal for me. You know, I can't wait your dedicated engine for blender… I think it will make things much more easy. I must say blend4web options are lost in hundreds of matrioska and it's hard to divide your prerequsiites and the native blender functions. very hard to find and to rememeber where.
When do you think you render engine will come?
05 February 2015 10:45
Well, it's actually the goal - to minimize and eliminate things like these
Yeah, I know "00, 01, …" Sometimes it turns into a mess x)

Hm.. If nothing can be restored - from my practice I can suppose that it was a problem in scene settings. Don't know where exactly

It's great! Congrats

Blender functional is very various, and sometimes it's hard to navigate through it. Right now making our engine with minimal "buttons and stuff" is, like, "an ideal" - because for this we need tight cooperation with Blender team - just addons aren't allowed to change or remove some native functional, you know :) So sadly can't tell about dates - but it's one of our main goals, after all
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