Outline multiple object

09 November 2016 22:47
I'm trying to outline multiple object at once and not sure if it is possible. My scene highlights the bolts and screws before starting an animation. I have 6 bolts and I have to add 6 outline switches.

Is there a better way to do this? or this feature doesn't exist yet?

10 November 2016 00:00

You need to use 6 outline. There is no need for 6 switch nodes. I've attached an example of how I would do it with logic nodes.
10 November 2016 14:42
Thank you Evgency for the reply and the sample.

What I meant was instead of having multiple outline, maybe we should have Add Socket in the outline box. See attached.

I should probably post this in the feature request.
10 November 2016 14:53
I see. Maybe we should add the "Add socket" button to all nodes which work with objects.
We'll think of it. Thanks for the suggestion!
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