Blend4Web and WebVR

11 November 2016 11:17
In the latest release notes it is stated that "support for new WebVR API 1.0 has been added to the engine". Does that mean that it is possible to view/interact with Blend4Web "content" in any browser that has support for WebVR ( with a connected HMD?

Is it possible to provide an overview of "everything VR" within the context of Blend4Web? Currently, from my point-of-view, Blend4Web's VR "story" (i.e., existing capabilities, road map, etc) is a bit unclear.

Thanks in advance,

13 November 2016 06:09
Here is something you can try to get you started. Export a scene using the HTML option, then load the file onto a mobile phone. Once the scene is loaded on your phone, tap the options gear in the lower right corner. One of the settings will switch the view into stereoscopic 3D (select full screen option as well). You will need some kind of device like Google cardboard or GearVR to put your phone into.
My home page is a simple scene exported with the HTML option. You could point the browser on your phone to to have a look. I have only tried this with Chrome on Android.
I believe that Blend4web is trying to author 3D content according to what the browsers will support. I haven't tried this with a computer attached VR device like Oculas but basically, browsers are at a point where they can serve up a stereoscopic view and update the view based on head tracking input from the device.
P.S. We need a VR emoticon
15 November 2016 20:52
Hey Will,

Thanks for your answer. I've also checked out your Blend4Web videos on YouTube… I've learnt some new stuff, already :)


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