Hi guys,

I'm getting to grips with a clojurescript-controlled blend4web scene. I still don't know what I'm doing, but it looks like this isn't as crazy as it sounds.

Here's a video showing me fooling around with it. Note how I trigger a B4W engine panic whenever I save the clojurescript file (on the left). I don't fault blend4web for this, as I'm using blend4web for a very unorthodox purpose.

That said, I think it's interesting that blend4web's engine doesn't fully restart every time I save – and I don't know why :P The JS get's re-compiled every time it saves - including the JS that starts the engine. My guess is that because blend4web uses a separate web-worker for asset loading, and because clojurescript only targets the main thread whenever I load, the separate worker thread keeps going as I save the file. This is actually kind of neat, but probably something I should resolve.