Blender Game Making Contest #22

18 November 2016 22:06
The Blender Game Making Contest is a competetion run every few months by the Blender Game Engine community. This time it is open for entries using Blender4Web

Plan your game, form a team etc. Concept art is allowed, but you should NOT be making assets or code yet. Go, Go, Go
Head over to the BlenderArtists thread for more details.
18 November 2016 22:50
Hi sdfgeoff, thanks for posting this!

As before, Blend4Web is happy to support this contest. We would like to join the sponsors and offer $150 (cash) plus 15% discount on Blend4Web PRO to the winner, no matter whether he or she chooses Blend4Web or other engine.

Please feel free to add Blend4Web as sponsor to the contest topic on BA. Good luck to everyone!
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18 November 2016 22:58
Thanks for your support of this contest! I've added the prize to the BA topic..
20 November 2016 23:15
Time to start developing your game!
13 December 2016 10:44
here are the contest's results:!

Congratulations to the winners Thatmster and Grenzer who get Blend4Web's prise $150 cash + 15% off PRO.

We'll probably add some incentives to encourage contestants to use Blend4Web for their games.

See you on BGMC 23!
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