Changes in the release preparation process

22 November 2016 11:00
We intend to significantly increase the stability of the upcoming releases, so we are going to change the release preparation plan.

Planned changes are:
  • Strict internal control of the functionality included in the release. If we cannot provide stability of a feature, it will be postponed for next release.
  • There will be only one Developer Preview (DP) and one Release Candidate (RC) build so the users won’t get confused by unexpected updates.
  • DP build will be released earlier, and the release preparation cycle will be longer (6 business days instead of 4 or 5 previously).
  • The interval between builds will be at least two days (not including weekends) so everyone who is interested will have enough time to test the builds and report possible problems.
  • Also, we'll try to engage more developers and users in the testing.

Apart from that, the development cycle will remain the same, new releases will still be out each month:

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