VR questions

22 November 2016 13:16
Hi guys!!

I'm using chromium Versión 56.0.2902.0 (64-bit) in windows 10 with oculus rift + blend4web 16.10.0

old Question 1:
Is it possible in the webbrowser view the same thing you are seeing through the glasses?.

old Question 2:
Can you see inside the glasses in stereoscopic and in the webbrowser only one camera?.

Thank you.
30 November 2016 14:21
Hi guys.

I am testing version 16.11 and I still have some questions:

1 Can not you see the same thing that is watching the person who has put the glasses in the browser simultaneously ?.

2 Could it be possible in the future to support 360 videos or images stereoscopic ( side by side), like this (to be mapped in to a sphere) ?:

other example image:
06 December 2016 15:13
A tutorial to help us link the Oculus Rift/HMD to the browser would be really great!
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