3DSlides: Blend4Web template “PRODUCT” for constructing 3D configurators of products

22 November 2016 16:42
A live demonstration of a product always allows customers to look at a purchase from all sides: try on, play with, combine options. Without enough information it’s difficult to a customer to make a decision about purchasing products. However, with a 3D configurable model of a product everything becomes more interesting. The Blend4Web “PRODUCT” template allows you to create spectacular product displays, fill them with various optional details, sets of materials for various surfaces.

The main feature of the template is possibility for ordinary artist to configure sets of options in the Blender editor, match price options and get a web application in one click. This kind of application can be connected to your own site or online store in the cloud.

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As a result, this template allows us to create a 3D web-application showing a product in the best light and link it to the order processing system, practically creating a fully-functional 3D product card for vehicles, clothes and footwear, furniture and interior items from scratch. This kind of card is not simply a frozen frame but a complete game for customers. In such a game everyone can set his own combinations of options while considering personal preferences and get a personalized offer.
22 November 2016 16:44
We add a tutorial about creating a configurator with the Blend4Web template on YouTube channel

We plan to add new tutorials and examples on YouTube channel in the future.
17 October 2017 22:32
It doesn't work . While ı was trying to preview it doesnt work there was nothing , can you uptade the github ??
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