Maximum number of Anchor/Annotations

23 November 2016 22:32 #14110
I am not sure if this is mention in the SDK documentations, but I wonder what is the maximum number of annotations that we can use? (before noticing a drop in performance)

I'm using the Custom Element and link it to a HTML element.

24 November 2016 11:47 #14119
Good day,

I would say the number of annotations varies significantly on different CPUs. I have satisfying performance with 512 anchors. (more than 60fps). 1024 of them do not run that smooth.
If you turn on the "Detect visibility" flag it will reduce the amount of frames dramatically.

Anyway, I wouldn't recommend having hundreds of annotations on a single scene.
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24 November 2016 20:38 #14130
Interesting to hear about the "Detect visibility" flag.
Here is an example that uses many annotations. Detect Visibility is on. It also has a very large terrain mesh (created with a drone).

I have noticed a performance reduction on PCs without good graphics acceleration.
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25 November 2016 17:20 #14138
Thank you Will for the demo, looks awesome :)

It is somewhat heavy to load, but I imagine you have a optimized version for deployment.
26 November 2016 16:02 #14150
Actually this is not meant for deploying on the web. Rather it is a weekly report I do. So it is a self contained file that gets sent out each week. Preserving detail is more important in this case.
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