Installation problem with version 10.11

04 December 2016 20:22

Installation problem with version 10.11
We can no longer access the server !!!

05 December 2016 10:11

Can you check the file panel?
Verify the path for blend4web is correct.
05 December 2016 11:38
Hi! You probably have the standalone addon (from zip) and the SDK both installed - this can lead to errors, because the SDK already contains the addon files. If you want to use the SDK you should remove the standalone addon first (or don't install it at all).
05 December 2016 15:56
Hi, thank you for the videos! This one is especially good:
The Founder | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin
06 December 2016 10:56

Thanks for the reply, I found the answer to the installation of version 16.11
Everything works fine.

It is true that on my channel youtube I made several video on the use of your program blend4web for the French community

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