Blend4Web: Beginner's Guide. Chapter 5: Visual Appeal

06 December 2016 15:54
The fifth chapter of the Beginners Guide by Andrey Prakhov is out!
You will learn how to set up the Environment in Blend4Web and make your scene much more appealing with the help of small but very useful visual effects.
Link to the article
04 November 2017 15:48
Hi… I have one step where I am stuck. I am a newbie and enjoying this tutorial very much and learning a lot. I get as far as the environment map. My image (actually using the image from the SDK folder - cubemap) does not show in the preview, although all my settings seem to be the same as the tutorial, and all steps so far have been successful. Where can I start to look so I can fix this problem… I have even tried opening a new scene, but still having no preview, which delivers no results… Your assistance will be greatly appreciated… blender file attached…
04 November 2017 18:33
Hello, I see it very well in the Blend that you attach, I have exported it to html and it is also seen correctly.
I have attached to the post the html of your project.
04 November 2017 18:55
Thanks for the reply, I should have been more specific in what I was trying to achieve. I am trying to add an environment map texture so that the reflections of the stand are what is required in the tutorial…? Make sense..?
27 November 2017 15:44
got it..!!
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