Painting picture with sound _ Is it possible?

07 December 2016 05:43
Hello there!
I am curruntly developing a webGL content titled 'Paint with music' which is a system that draws a picture automatically through extracted data from sound (Sound frequency, BPM, Pitch, Desibel, Chord, etc.).

I'm noticed that with blender, I can make sound equalizer animation with recorded sound. But in my idea the graphics generated from the sound needs to stay put, paint on a empty image texture and it has to be interactive. Meaning, you sing a song to give audio input, then a computer draws pictures automatically for you.

I believe this idea is feasible but the problem is i'm not a good programmer, I'm a designer and 3D artist, though I have no clue where to start.

Please give me solutions or anything ! Anything realated will be a big help!
07 December 2016 11:05
Hello there and welcome!

This weird idea was realised by Hansi Raber with oscilloscope and presented at Blender Conf 2016. You can find it here ->
Blend4web UI designer
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