Textures via Cycles: working?

08 December 2016 16:01

I have two simple questions about using Cycles nodes.

First, as Cycles materials are supported, I was trying to use a simple string: Image Texture -> Diffuse BSDF -> Material Output. They should be all supported… but I can't make a brick texture (png) appear in the browser. How do you do that?

Also, I think it is a little weird to have to switch to "Cycles Render" to add Cycles Nodes and then go back to B4W to modify B4W-related details. Would it be possible to integrate better B4W and Cycles? For example, having all Cycles nodes in B4W; or when I press F12/Render, it renders a Cycles images and when I press FAST PREVIEW, it launches the browser. I think it needs a better integration.

I'm a newbie so it's possible that I don't understand everything. Sorry in this case.

08 December 2016 18:45
The described setup should work as expected. Maybe, you don't have any supported light source in the scene?

Integrating Cycles with Blend4Web is a more complex task than it may seem. It requires seriously patching Blender, and I don't think we can see this in the near future. Maybe, after Blender 2.8 is released.
09 December 2016 15:45
oh! I apologize… I had mixed version of Blender and B4W. I re-installed the 2 softwares and now it works as expected.
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