New, need help

10 December 2016 00:46
Hi, great software but what i need to do is have a transparent background (instead of gray) also how do i remove the buttons?
Something like the logo on this site only in the sdk i can't modify the demo..
10 December 2016 05:19
Hi silageman,
Each time you export, the files in /blend4web/apps_dev/webplayer are used as templates. If you alter these files, for example remove buttons, you exports will reflect that change. Remember though that after you make a change you will need to recompile the Webplayer project in the Project Manager. Scroll down to the bottom of the Project Manger to find the Webplayer project, then over on the right there is an option to "Build Project". This will recompile the changes you made. I recommend making backup copies of the original HTML and CSS files that you alter. When you upgrade to a new version of the SDK, you will want to transfer your custom files to the new SDK.

Also in your Project manager check out the project, "Webpage Integration". It uses a transparent background. You can view the source files in your SDK at /blend4web/apps_dev/tutorials/web_page_integration.

A link to some videos on the basics is in my signature.
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