B4W and Armory3d

14 December 2016 20:32
Not sure if you guys have seen, there is a real time cycles rendering engine for games that also exports to HTML5. Im sure blend4web being native in javascript has a lighter footprint for exporting but I figured you guys might want to take a look at this which will be open sourced as soon as its production ready. Theres a github but im not sure if its the complete code to compile, and i figured since your last release on cycles materials this might be of some relevance. There seems to be a python and javascript api possibilites perhaps there can be an integration with blend 4 web bridging into the blender python api? Again, I have no clue about this stuff, just pointing my finger if you guys are interested in taking a glance at this new engine.
16 December 2016 12:21

thank you for the info!
We've already heard about this project. It seems to be really interesting
Blend4Web Team - developer
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