Is Blend4Web Right for my Project?

15 December 2016 06:09

I'm exploring different ways to create a project, and found Blend4Web as a possible method. I've been using Blender for years, so this seems really promising. I just wanted to check and see if Blend4Web has the capabilities to allow me to do what I'm looking to do.

As a brief explanation, I want to make an interactive application to allow people to create/visualize their family tree. One of my biggest questions is whether or not Blend4Web can allow the user to add/edit content on the screen - as a simple example, they may start out with only a button representing themselves, but immediately add buttons for their parents, label those buttons, and visually connect them to their own button to form the basis for the family tree. Would this be possible? If so, would it also be possible to allow them to save their work in some form of output file (image, HTML, even .blend file)?

Also, would this be doable entirely in Blender/Blend4Web, or would it require additional coding?
15 December 2016 07:49
Yes, Blend4Web could definitely do this but you would also definitely need to code. Blend4Web has a full features JavaScript API. You are talking about a well developed app.
Have a look at what NASA did with Blend4Web:

Also there are many example applications within the SDK. These might be worth your time to explore.
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