Problem installing and copying projects

15 December 2016 16:18
Hi there:

I have reinstalled Windows 7 after a hard disk failure and I had to do it to a new HD, I could not export a backup of the projects I was working in. After reinstall I was able to access the blend4web folder of the old installation and copy the Blender, apps_dev and assets folders to the new install of b4w. When I open the files in Blender it works ok and even the server is serving the apps but the problem is no project is listed in the project manager page. Do you know how can this be? It was me putting the old files that broke the project manager? I thought it was enough to drop the folders in the installation. Do I have to check other file or something to get the projects working in the project manager?

Any help is welcome…
16 December 2016 17:53
Hi, Marcos!
When searching for projects, project manager tries to locate a special file called ".b4w_project" inside the project root folder, e.g. ./apps_dev/my_project/.b4w_project. Such files can be hidden, so you should check: do they remain after copying.
18 December 2016 17:58
Ok, I'll try that. Thank you.
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