Cartoon_interior is bug after several manipulation,

19 December 2016 11:26

The program is bug after several manipulation,
I am analyzing and surprised.

Video :

19 December 2016 12:25

The program is bug after several manipulation,
Wow, this is weird! I can't reproduce it right away. Seems it depends on a specific configuration. Can you tell us OS/GPU/browser on which you can reproduce this issue?
Also, what version of B4W are you using for this test? Does this bug still appear on the latest 16.12 Developer Preview?
19 December 2016 13:30
It seems that with the new version 16.12 it is good
Watch the new demonstration video
Thank you

19 December 2016 14:23
OK, this bug was probably related to a newly implemented texture caching feature. We've worked on it this month, so I think the bug was fixed somehow.
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