Aliasing Problem

19 December 2016 12:41

I had a problem on a simple scene.
I can see aliasing on a simple object even with ultra quality.

As i work on a more complex scene, i need help to find out wha'ts wrong


PS : you must be very proud of blend4web, very nice work

Blend attached
Screenshot attached
19 December 2016 18:26
Hi, you can try the HIGH option for the anti-aliasing quality setting located under the Render tab in Blender. It will add up with the ULTRA quality set up in the application code.
And thanks!
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19 December 2016 18:32
thanks for so quick reply.

Already on High with 16x Anisotropic Filtering 16x
19 December 2016 19:00

This is perfectly normal for WebGL 1.0 and FXAA. With Chrome 56 comes WebGL 2.0 and MSAA so this issue will be resolved automatically on compatible hardware.
19 December 2016 19:19
thanks for reply, quick and understandable.
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